A new feature at INTERMAT Paris 2024: the Industry Forum, an event within the event with a BFM Business TV studio !
INTERMAT Paris aims to be the show that brings together the entire construction and public works industry.

BFM Business events calendar - Industry Forum

Explore and find all the events linked to the BFM Business TV set dedicated to the Industry Forum classified by day and time throughout INTERMAT 2024.
BFM Business events calendar - Industry Forum

A BFM Business TV platform at the heart of the show

The BFM Business TV studio hosted by Emmanuel Lechypre and Raphaëlle Duchemin will be located in the Industry forum a nerve centre at the heart of the exhibition, to showcase the efforts of the sector’s five major federations: DLR, EVOLIS, FFB, FNTP and SEIMAT, who will be on hand to welcome visitors and discuss the major challenges facing the sector.

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The speakers

Lechypre & Duchemin INTERMAT 2024 visual

Emmanuel Lechypre & Raphaëlle Duchemin

  • Emmanuel Lechypre, a renowned economic expert with 25 years' experience, offers an in-depth analysis of economic news. Having started his career at L'Expansion, he now holds key positions at BFM Business and BFMTV. Co-author of influential economic works, his participation in prestigious conferences testifies to his impact on contemporary economic debate.

  • Raphaëlle Duchemin, renowned for her passion for the economy and industry, offers an enriching perspective on the topical issues discussed at the show. 
    Her experience in business journalism and her ability to connect with industry professionals guarantee in-depth and informative discussions for all viewers of the ephemeral channel.

4 keys to support the decarbonisation of construction equipment

The 5 presidents of the major construction federations will sign the manifesto at the show:  « 4 keys to support the decarbonisation of construction equipment » which sets out their 4 commitments:

  • Adopt the right energy for each use
  • Save energy
  • Jobs
  • Circular economy and CSR


To act together, measure, set a trajectory, offer solutions with high climate benefits and support all the businesses in the sector.

Discover more about the BFM Business TV set

With one theme per day, the BFM Business TV studio will offer a dedicated space for discussion and debate on innovation, new energies, sustainable cities, new professions, etc., and address the challenges of decarbonisation from all angles and with a forward-looking perspective.

Around thirty round tables to trigger reflection and debate

The BFM Business TV studio will feature round-table talks by high-level speakers from:

  • The building and public works industry,
  • Project owners and prime contractors,
  • Energy suppliers, innovators, training providers and public authorities....


As well as insights from leading French and international experts.


Speaking slots and debates will cover all the issues at the heart of the construction industry over the 4 days of the exhibition:



  • The undertakings of the construction industry
  • Sustainable cities and societal expectations
  • The vision of construction groups
  • Solutions to supply energy to worksites
  • Material innovations
  • Equipment and new energies
  • CSR and the tide of regulations
  • Auditing and taxonomy
  • Equipment hire and new business models
  • Digital tools
  • The issues of retrofitting, rebuilding and reconditioning
  • Training and job appeal
  • Recruitment
  • The aspirations of the younger generation
  • Adaptation to new equipment
  • Operators at the heart of the debate
  • E-influencers

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