INTERMAT 2024 is offering you the chance to take part, free of charge, in the organisation of qualified Business Meetings between visitors and exhibitors.
Simply click on this link to be redirected to the registration platform where you will be required to:
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Register for BUSINESS MEETING 2024

  1. Complete your profile;
  2. Provide the names of the sales representatives on your stand during the show who will be able to meet trade visitors;
  3. Refine the profiles of visitors you wish to meet;
  4. Describe in as much detail as possible your offering, the products you market, your competitive advantages, etc.;
  5. Indicate your availability timeslots.

Our trade visitors will also have access to this platform and will complete their profile in a similar way.

They will then select the exhibitors they wish to meet during their time at INTERMAT 2024.

What happens at your Business Meeting?

discussions between visitors and exhibitors

Managing your Business Meeting requests

By default, when a visitor asks to meet you at INTERMAT 2024, the appointment is automatically validated. However, if you consider that you do not correspond to their needs, you can cancel the appoint with a single click.

Three weeks before the show, you will also have an opportunity to ask our registered professional visitors for an appointment, and they will be free to accept or decline your invitation.

More information

Schedule your meetings

Several days before the show, you will receive your schedule of confirmed appointments together with the details of the visitors you will be meeting.

Our team will be on hand at the show to assist you with these appointments, update your schedule in the event of cancellation, postponement or new appointments. Please feel free to come and see us Hall (5 & 6).

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After the show, you will receive the details of the visitors you met and those of any visitors who cancelled their appointments at the last minute.

If you have the slightest question about this new Business Meetings service and how the platform works, you can contact: