Focussing on the unavoidable and resolutely renewed theme of low carbon in the construction sector, the 2024 edition of INTERMAT aims to be the showcase for excellence in an industry fully mobilised in the race to net zero.

INTERMAT has made its its own commitments by undertaking and promoting a range of actions in the perspective of a more responsible event.

Here are some actions you can choose to apply to be a more responsible visitor.

As an event organizer, we’re responsible for reducing the environmental impact of our exhibitions and conventions. But in order for that ambition to succeed, we need your help!


Travelling : try more eco-friendly options


For example, using RER or Transilien to travel from Paris Gare du Nord to the Parc des Expositions de Villepinte emits 0.2 kg of CO2 equivalent, compared to 5 kg of CO2 equivalent if you make the same journey by internal combustion car.

To learn more about the carbon impact of your journey, use a carbon footprint calculator!


Consumption : adopt the right habits


Be careful about what you consume at the exhibition, so as to prevent waste.

Remember to use the sorting bins provided, which will help us recover and recycle waste.

Whenever possible, opt for a lunch that includes local, seasonal and/or organic ingredients.

For example, tomatoes grown in a greenhouse out of season generate 8 times more CO2 emissions than seasonal tomatoes grown in the ground.


Tickets & maps : digital first !


By downloading your ticket and a map from the event website, you’ll cut consumption of water and paper needed for printing.

Don’t forget to delete them from your phone once the event is over!


WiFi : Better than 4G & 5G


Once you arrive, log in using WiFi : it’s free!

Remember: Each gigabyte you send consumes up to 20 times more energy in 4G than in WiFi or ADSL*.

* GreenConcept white book


Energy – less is more !


We strive to save energy at our exhibitions by reducing our use of heating and air conditioning.

Keep that in mind when you’re preparing for the venue, and dress accordingly! We will still be in April…

Until we see you in person, the entire exhibition team thanks you for making an effort: EVERY LITTLE GESTURE YOU MAKE HAS A BIG IMPACT ON OUR EVENT! Thank you !


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