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Business : Boost your stand traffic, build your professional network and generate leades all year round


Banners on INTERMAT Paris homepage

Homepage (most visited page on the site):
4.450 €

Advertise on the main area of the show website https://www.intermatconstruction.com/en

Increase your brand awareness, traffic to your website, and the number of visits to your stand during the event by highlighting your brand before, during and after the show on the main website pages.

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Banner on the " Request a badge " page or "Practical information" page

Page order your badge or Section useful information: 3.000 €

Increase your brand awareness, traffic to your website and the number of visits to your stand during the show!

Promote your brand before: during and after the show on the level 1 pages of our website (excluding the home page).

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Banner on INTERMAT / WOCE / VISITER pages

INTERMAT / WOCE / VISITER Section: 2.400 €

Advertising banner with url link in one section.

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Be among the first one the exibitors' list

Your company in top position: 5.850 €

Your company appears in the first top places in the search results when visitors search by sector, product, key word or country.


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Banner on Exhibitor List page 

Header Banner: 4.500 €

Advertising size HEADER «List of results» in the on-line Exhibitor List section.

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Promote your company

Logo of your company: 530 €

Get noticed by inserting your logo alongside your company name.

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Newsletter: Before the show


E-newsletters banners

Spread your brand quickly and massively to a qualified target. Benefit from a customer database adapted to your needs.

January to april 2024: 4.750 €

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Pre-registration website

Add your advertising banner

Banner on the visitor pre-registration website: 4.450 €

Be visible to all visitors by communicating on this registration page, which is essential for collecting your badge.

Only one banner left!

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Directional signage: Increase footfall on your stand


Floor tiles

Appeal to the curiosity of visitors, guiding them right up to your stand!

Pack of 5: 1.950 €

Pack of 10: 2.950 €

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Add your logo to the show aisles

Overhead aisle identification letters: 6.350 €

Increase your visibility within your hall.


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Visibility : Display your brand at strategic locations and become a must-see exhibitor


Floor plan

Enable visitors to identify and find you rapidly!

Display your logo on the billboards placed in the show’s strategic passageways.

Maps at all strategic points - 30 indoor and outdoor maps

Four-colour logo: € 2,300

Front panel - Exclusive: € 8,250

Left side panel - Exclusive: € 5,750

Right panel - Exclusive: €5,750

Highlighting of your company name: € 170

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Interactive floor plan

Your banner will be displayed on the floor plans of the interactive terminals installed in the halls.

  • Banner on screen saver
  • Banner on the floor plan

Advertising banner on the interactive floor plan home page: € 4.100 -

Be the first to be noticed and located. The banner will take visitors directly to your stand or your website.

Banner on the floor plan’s exhibitor list: € 2.400

Logo at your stand location: € 450

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Be seen

Badges and e-badges: 16.500 €

Announce your presence to visitors by sponsoring badges and e-badges at the show!

Your advertising on all of the visitor badges and e-badges, compulsory for all visitors to INTERMAT 2024.

Exclusive – SOLD OUT

Visibility of your logo one the badge holder plan

Logo on the badge holder floor plan: 14.000 €

For immediate identification! Your logo on the floor plan attached to the visitor badge holder.


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Be seen around the show!

Exhibition shuttle: 22.500 €

Your logo on the shuttle bus.

The shuttle goes all around the show offering visitors a different and easy way to see the exhibition.


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Badge lanyard

Display and disseminate your brand on a badge lanyard used by all visitors and journalists!

Exclusive - SOLD OUT


Official show bag

A true mobile advertising opportunity decked out in your company’s colors.

One whole side dedicated to your company!

2 sponsorships: 8.000 €

Exclusive: 13.500 €

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Distribution rights: Be everywhere

Freebie distribution

Your host(esses) distribute your leaflets or products at each entrance indoor and outdoor, in a place of high footfall to directly create contact with your potential buyers.

1 entrance - 4 days: € 5.700

4 entrance - 4 days: € 20.300

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Outdoor display: Your brand at strategic locations


Scrolling light box billboards

Scrolling light box billboards: € 10.000

Located between the train station and the esplanade, this modern and lighted display allows a repetition of the message, thanks to its important number of faces.

In addition, the movement of this backlit support greatly promotes eye contact with visitors.

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Advertising bus shelter covers

Covering of bus shelters: 4.350 €

At the arrival of buses and shuttles, those shelters are located where visitors and exhibitors are circulating in the parc, between the parking and the esplanade.

With exclusive rights for one advertiser, each message is repeated on 3 different faces for the best impact.

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Double-faced boards - parking P1

Located at the arrival of visitors and exhibitors, those boards in doublefaced staggered rows can be seen by visitors walking through the passage way after parking their car.

15 000 cars are circulating during the fair.

Exclusive Rights For One Area: 16.700 € Price/cover

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Kakemonos on the esplanade

Spread on the columns on the esplanade in front of halls, these displays offer an excellent visibility to the exhibitor just before entering the halls.

6 networks of 7 kakemonos double-faced. 14 faces per network: 10.000 € Price per network

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Experience & confort: offer your employees and guest a unique experience


Meeting rooms

Create your own event by hiring a meeting room at the exhibition for press conferences, business meetings or lunches.
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Viparis - Karine BOURIOT

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