Conference cycles dedicated to the concrete industry: a privileged platform for information, exchange and networking
Conference during the WOCE

Conference series dedicated to the concrete industry

The World of Concrete Europe forum presents a series of conferences devoted entirely to the concrete industry, the material and its various applications. In 2024, the decarbonization of the concrete industry will be the focus. The many and varied themes covered will revolve around the challenges of decarbonization, and the solutions and prospects for concrete materials. The sessions will be led by renowned experts and speakers from the construction, public works and masonry communities, members of construction federations and leading European companies in the sector.

The conference program is proposed by a steering committee made up of industry experts:

  • SFIC / Cimbéton, François Redron, General Manager, Cimbéton
  • FIB, Jacques Manzoni, General Manager
  • SNBPE, Gwana Marques, Delegate IDF
  • CERIB, Lionel Monfront, Market Products Director
  • Fondation École Française du Béton, Laure Regnaud, Director
  • UMGO - FFB, Julien Beideler, General Secretary
  • FNTP, Stéphane Rutard DD Director
  • EVOLIS, Etienne Webre, Development Director
  • Béton Le Magazine, Frédéric Gluzicki, Editor-in-Chief


A privileged platform for information, exchange and networking

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