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World of Concrete Europe calendar
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Conference series dedicated to the concrete industry

Around the central theme of “low carbon”, the World Of Concrete Europe forum will present a series of educational talks and explanatory training workshops entirely dedicated to the concrete sector, the material itself and its various applications.

The forum is organized by a steering committee made up of experts from the main professional organizations and bodies in the sector:


  • Béton[s] Le Magazine : Frédéric Gluzicki, Director 
  • CERIB : Lionel Monfront, Product & Market Director
  • CIMbéton : François Redron,CEO
  • Fondation École Française du Béton : Laure Regnaud, Director
  • EVOLIS : Etienne Webre, Executive Vice President
  • FIB : Jacques Manzoni, Chief Executive
  • PUTZMEISTER : Iván Martinsanz, Head of Putzmeister France
  • SNBPE : Gwana Marques, Ile-De-France Normandie Regional Delegate
  • UMGO – FFB : Julien Beideler, General Secretary
  • SEIMAT : Pascal Petit-jean, General Secretary


Speakers recognised in their field of expertise

The sessions will be hosted by well-known figures from the building, masonry and civil works communities, members of construction federations and of the largest European companies in the sector.


Through around ten talks sessions, six themes focussing on the future of the material in its market have been selected to elicit thought and debate:


  • Decarbonisation issues: ambitions and timeline of the French Climate Plan, the National low carbon Strategy, RE 2020 and international labels.
  • The recipes of concrete to decarbonise the industry: the clinker factor, new low-carbon binders, additives in concrete (slag, pozzolans, ternary cements, etc.) exemplary projects using low-carbon concrete, etc.
  • Low-carbon logistics: short delivery channels, freight, personal accounts from organisations working in cement, ready-mix, pre-cast solutions, etc.
  • The process: cutting energy consumption, new low-carbon cement production units, alternative fuels, industrial investment, low-temperature processes, etc.
  • The circular economy: responsible sourcing, recycling, reuse, quarry reorganisation, production of recycled aggregates, recovery of spoil, feedback on worksites, etc.
  • Innovations: formulations, the role of admixtures for the use of low-carbon concrete, off-site and pre-cast concrete construction methods, modular construction, 3D printed concrete, etc.

Special World of Concrete Europe Award

As part of the 9th INTERMAT Innovation Awards, an award will be given in the Building, Civil Engineering and Concrete Sector category, as well as a special World of Concrete Europe Award for a company offering an innovation specifically at the concrete market.
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World of Concrete Europe "Exhibitor Workshops"


Speak to the concrete community at the World of Concrete Europe forum in a 60-minute workshop. Showcase your know-how, products and innovations at an exclusive conference at the heart of a benchmark event in the world of concrete. The forum gives you direct access to your customers, prospects and a qualified target audience in a specialized sector.


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