The Start-up Village will be located in Hall 5b. A friendly place, the Start-Up Village is a real springboard for young companies to emerge among the biggest.

The Start-up Village INTERMAT 2024

24 companies are expected in the Start-Up Village for this 2024 edition of INTERMAT.

You'll be able to discover concrete solutions to today's construction problems, as well as tomorrow's technologies and practices.

In addition to the exhibitors, a conference area in the heart of the Village will welcome the show's partners for round tables and conferences.

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The Village Start-up is organised in partnership with :

Impulse partners-partenaire-village-start-up-intermat

Impulse Partners is accelerating the transformation of building and civil engineering companies involved in responsible construction at the scale of buildings, neighbourhoods and towns.

Impulse Partners supports the strategic thinking of construction and public works companies, materials manufacturers, retailers and rental companies, helping them to renew and rethink their offering, transform their business, develop their processes and organisation and help their employees to upgrade their skills.

Discover the first companies registered:



HeronTrack is an IoT specialist in tracking small equipment for the Construction market. We track tools anywhere, at any time and who’s using it to bring awareness with the workers and increase the lifespan. Launched in 2019, HeronTrack is headquartered in Belgium and present in ten countries.

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Founded in 2018, Teamoty is a start-up specializing in construction tech. It has created and is deploying a software suite designed to digitalize the supply chain of construction projects. A pioneer in France and Europe in this field, Teamoty brings greater performance and safety to construction projects, based in particular on Lean Construction methodology.

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We are a Software publisher and aproptech actor. We support real estate stakeholders (landlords, general contractors, technical service providers, etc.) in the digitalization of their operational processes.

More specifically, at Intermat, we are showcasing our digital process management software system for buildings rehabilitation projects in occupied sites. For this purpose, we deploy an all-in-one solution that handles interactions with occupants during projects and oversees the technical interventions in housing units

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One Click LCA

One Click LCA is a major global player in the decarbonisation of the construction sector.

Through its life cycle analysis software platform, all players in the construction industry have the potential to reduce the environmental impact of their projects or products (materials, equipment).

This essential tool for the sector provides:

  • Access to the world's largest environmental database,
  • All environmental certifications and regulations for construction projects,
  • Simplify and optimise the cost of producing and publishing environmental data on products marketed by manufacturers.


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Heracles Robotics

HERACLES Robotics is developing an autonomous navigation and work system, operational on existing public works equipment, to carry out earthmoving operations without the need for a machine operator.

We offer public works companies complete earthmoving services, with reduced costs and timelines, performed by autonomous construction machinery.

This solution addresses three major constraints faced by construction companies:

  • Intense price competition, linked to services lacking a differentiating factor;
  • A need for flexibility to focus operations during dry weather periods;
  • A shortage of machine operators.

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*Non exhaustive list on 1/30/2024.

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