The tradeshow INTERMAT Paris is holding a round table discussion on Thursday20 April 2023 at 10.00am at l’Apostrophe, Paris 16th arrondissement.
Round Table INTERMAT 20 April 2024

INTERMAT 2024 round table

INTERMAT Paris held a round-table discussion on Thursday, April 20, 2023. Here is the replay of this exceptional event. 

A round table to discuss the challenges of low carbon construction 
with the whole industry 

The next edition of INTERMAT, the sustainable construction solutions and technology exhibition, will take place from 24 to 27 April 2024 in Paris Nord Villepinte. One year before the opening of the exhibition, the round table on 20 April was an opportunity to bring together the presidents of the construction industry’s major professional organisations, who had come to share a common forward view in order to build a collective pathway to low carbon construction. This mobilisation reflects INTERMAT's ambition to bring the entire sector together to interact, debate and move forward together to address this challenge.

Isabelle Alfano, Director of the INTERMAT exhibition (until April 2023) and Laurent Noël, Divisional Managing Director at COMEXPOSIUM, were joined at the round table by Philippe Cohet, President of DLR, Jean-Claude Fayat, President of EVOLIS, Bruno Cavagné, President of the FNTP (until September 2023), Pascal Guillemain, President of SEIMAT (until May 2023) and Christophe Possémé, President of the UMGO-FFB

Low carbon construction : the central theme of the 2024 edition 

In discussions around the central theme of this new edition, the speakers shared their expectations in terms of solutions and technologies to rise to the challenge of low carbon construction, and also debated the need to consider energy, economic, training, recruitment and job enhancement issues globally, at industry level.

"The 2024 edition has been designed to respond to the major challenge of decarbonisation, which is impacting the production model of every player in the construction industry. Against this background, we are delighted that the sector’s five main professional organisations have joined us: EVOLIS, DLR, the Fédération Française du Bâtiment, the Fédération Nationale des Travaux Publics and SEIMAT. The collaborative and collective dimension is the very essence of a trade fair. Our mission is to clarify the French offer, but also to look at what is happening in Europe and abroad and to move the government to action on our sector’s fundamental role. This is why we have revised our format and enriched our offer around the sector's major challenges: Innovation, Energy (new), New equations, CSR."
Laurent Noël
Divisional Managing Director, Comexposium
Laurent Noël, Directeur de division, Comexposium
"The industry's major objective is the race to decarbonise, with infrastructure construction accounting for 3.5% of CO2 emissions, twice the sector's share of GDP. With emissions from infrastructure use accounting for 50% of CO2, this is a major lever for decarbonising the country, which requires time and expertise. We need INTERMAT so that we can work together, understand better, navigate our way through this, get out of the European stability pact and have a realistic vision of this energy transition."
Bruno Cavagné
President of the FNTP
Bruno Cavagné, President of the National Federation of Public Works (until September 2023)
"Decarbonisation is much more than simply polluting less, it is a new way of operating construction sites, in terms of visual, noise and pollution aspects, and a new way of organising the work. The new generations of employees want greater well-being at work and this primarily involves the equipment used, which has a central role to play in changing practices.  If it is to rise to the challenge of human resources, to stimulate young people’s interest in the construction trades, the sector must further improve working conditions on construction sites, think about training opportunities of tomorrow, and develop technological platforms in apprenticeship training centres (CFAs) with state-of-the-art equipment. "
Christophe Possémé
President of the UMGO-FFB : 
Christophe Possémé, Président of l’UMGO-FFB
" INTERMAT will be the ideal opportunity to review the issue of the choice of fuels and the energy solutions we should adopt for equipment. 80% of the equipment used by constructors and users is rented, which makes it possible to have the latest high-performance technology at our disposal. The issue of use is also key: we need to create value with regard to the constant developments in equipment, to deliver its entire value-in-use including resale value. We need to reduce time on construction sites, have the right equipment for the right use, especially in Low Emission Zones. This is why it is important to develop an industry with a more collaborative approach."
Philippe Cohet
President of DLR
Philippe Cohet - Pdt DLR
"In France, we are fortunate to have an industry of an exceptional quality not found in other countries. Uncertainty in the face of regulatory changes requires us to think in terms of industries and no longer simply in terms of equipment manufacturers in respect of customers. Decarbonisation is not only about engines, it is also about recycling solutions, including for equipment. INTERMAT has to be the trade fair of a united and proactive industry that produces technical solutions. The exhibition must also offer career prospects to young people to show that these are great jobs that are in tune with the times."
Jean-Claude Fayat
President of EVOLIS
Jean-Claude Fayat, Président EVOLIS