From 24 to 27 April 2024, World Of Concrete Europe will bring together, in association with INTERMAT, the entire concrete sector value chain around an exhibition and a forum. This combination will allow visitors to discover the comprehensive and varied offering of the sector from upstream to down, and a panorama of the latest innovations in the European concrete market. The Forum’s panel discussions will focus on the collective innovation trajectory of the concrete industry to decarbonise materials, processes products, technologies, applications and equipment.

A programme on the theme " Decarbonation underway in the concrete industry "

24 April 11.00am – 12.00pm: Inaugural talk: The issues of decarbonisation for the concrete industry, presented by Florent Dubois, real estate and sustainable construction director at NEXTY and the author of the book Béton écologique et construction durable (Eco-friendly concrete and sustainable construction).

The concrete industry as a proactive player in a low-carbon society: construction needs in the face of national carbon targets (strategies and roadmaps for the building and public works/development sector, with France on the front line of global warming) and the transition already initiated by the industry.

Main decarbonisation levers and the concrete industry’s solutions: the cement-concrete industry's decarbonisation roadmap. Beyond cement: how can the entire chain be mobilised to achieve carbon neutrality?

A panorama of innovation and avenues of thought: how concrete and construction systems can be transformed thanks to bio/geosourced materials, 3D printing processes, AI and the industry's successful transition to the new ecological order.

24 April 2.30 – 4.00pm: Round table: Rising to the challenge of the circular economy and recycling, hosted by Etienne Webre, deputy chief executive at EVOLIS and Christine Raynaud, editor-in-chief of Prescription Béton


  • Charlotte Bernard, director of GRANUDEM Développement
  • Mathieu Hiblot, chief executive, ECOMINERO
  • Fabio Mastroianni, deputy managing director at AGYRE
  • Thomas Pernin, material engineer at CERIB
  • Alessio Rimoldi, secretary general of BIBM


25 April 10.00 – 11.30am: Round table: Decarbonising ready-mixed concrete, presented by Colin Rousselet, journalist at AC Presse


  • Julien Beideler, secretary general of FFB-UMGO
  • Yannis Martin, sales director or Stéphanie Bondoux, certification and homologation director, HOFFMANN GREEN
  • Patrick Montagné, director of concrete, cement and export business, MAPEI France
  • François Redron, chief executive at CIMBéton
  • John-Erik Reiersen, CEO, BETONG NORGE


Reducing the carbon footprint of concrete is first and foremost a joint effort. And all the players in this sector are in a position to make their contribution.

From cement manufacturers to admixture suppliers, not forgetting suppliers of raw materials and secondary constituents. But what are the different vectors that can be used to decarbonise concrete? What practical steps are cement manufacturers taking? What about alternative components? What is the role of admixtures? Does decarbonation have an influence on the way concrete is used, how it sets, how it increases in strength and how it performs? And how do things work elsewhere?