For this 9th edition of the competition, the members of the jury met several times to determine the nominees for the INTERMAT innovations awards 2024. Discover them now:




Selected innovation: Tenstar Virtual Training Space

Our invention is the only one in the world that lets several users exercise and learn together in a range of different fields, such as construction, agriculture, or the transport sector. It's a system of several training simulators connected in a sandbox environment.


Excess Engineering AS 

Selected innovation: Electric Actuator-A Hydraulic-Free Option

We have developed an electric actuator that replaces heavy-duty hydraulic systems, providing an all-electric system to push, pull, and lift with an energy efficiency of 87%. This solution combines high power (80+ tons) and a long stroke (up to 3 m). The electric system offers numerous advantages, including improved energy efficiency, the absence of hydraulic oil requirements, and an extended service life. It can be designed in a compact form factor comparable in size to existing hydraulic systems, eliminating the need for significant modifications to the construction machinery's structure when replacing hydraulic systems with electric actuators.

This innovation has earned the Seal of Excellence from the European Innovation Commission, and been awarded 10 million EUR in funding to bring this technology to the market through the European Innovation Council Accelerator program in June 2023.



Selected innovation: Moasure ONE

Introducing Moasure, the world's first motion-based measuring tool revolutionizing construction and civil engineering.

Moasure's patented technology transforms how professionals work, enabling rapid and simultaneous measurement and drawing. By simplifying the measurement of challenging shapes and spaces, Moasure empowers construction experts to adopt a new approach with real-time data viewable on their devices.

This innovative tool allows users to draw, capture in 3D, factor in gradients, elevations, and calculate areas effortlessly, even around obstacles. Moasure provides accurate surface area and volume calculations, aiding in material ordering and site leveling.


Bergerat Monnoyeur

Selected innovation: Digitalization, artificial intelligence and augmented reality for fleet management – The new Bergera

Services resulting from connectivity:

  1. Ensure 100% connected fleet with quality data (including retrofit, including replacement of outdated 2G/3G equipment, all brands), transmitted on our platform or any other platform chosen by the client (ERP, GMAO,...); standard monthly report with benchmark and CO2 emissions
  2. Remote diagnostic access: with augmented reality and telemetry, we offer direct access to our remote diagnostic service
  3. Predictive maintenance: using AI, daily machine health data, historic work data on the machine and equivalent components in the territory, manufacturer data, combined with the expertise of our teams, personalized advice, function of the subscription levels is issued, directly to the client or through our network of after-salesmen (PSSR)
  4. And always proactive planning of preventive maintenance of the fleet


Chrono Flex

Selected innovation: On-site hydraulic oil filtration service

Since its creation, the main CHRONO Flex mission is to reduce the machine downtime to its customers, replacing the hydraulic hoses on site. Thanks to our 300 technicians’ daily proximity in the field, we noticed three major elements :

  1. 70% of hydraulic failures are linked to the oil pollution (source: In Situ).
  2. A difficulty to find machine maintenance resources in workshops including hydraulic oil drains.
  3. A context where customers have to implement a CSR approach and therefore, a change in habits and mentality must take place.

With this observation, as a hydraulic solutions partner, CHRONO Flex supports its customers in their machines extending lifespan offering a new hydraulic oil filtration service.


Cojali France

Selected innovation: Jaltest Diagnostics AR

Jaltest Diagnostics AR is the first multi-brand diagnostics system developed with technology of mixed reality that allows the technician to diagnose the electronic units of a vehicle and interact with them, consult technical information related and receive advanced technical support. All of this in real time and with a hands-free concept that is totally innovative and pioneer in the market.



Selected innovation: Toolset to commodify as-built terrain data collection in an earthmoving environment

Komatsu Smart Construction Europe is concluding the development of an inexpensive, user-friendly toolset for the collection of as-built terrain data. This product suite is not exclusive to the Komatsu ecosystem as it takes an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) neutral position and allows connectivity to happen from competing brands.

This advanced suite encompasses the Smart Construction (SC) 3D Machine Guidance, and Intermat exclusive 3D Machine Guidance Flex acting as IoT devices, the Smart Construction Remote for facilitating data transmission, and Smart Construction Dashboard for comprehensive 3D visualisation and analysis.

By commodifying the collection and visualization of as-built data Komatsu enables the industry as a whole by shortening the progress and feedback cycle, that historical could take a week to a month, to under a day by using for the most part contractors owned equipment. Making digital transformation possible for all contractors even the one-man-shows.



Dynaset OY

Selected innovation: HRVB Hydraulic Recycling Vacuum Bucket

HRVB Hydraulic Recycling Vacuum Bucket transforms the hydraulic power of the base machine into powerful vacuum suction and air blower. HRVB is a compact and integrated all-in-one attachment unit for gathering, recycling, and sorting material, scrap, and similar matter found at construction sites, parks, roads, and railways.

The HRVB unit also works as a powerful air blower to clean and collect lighter matters like leaves. The HRVB is designed as an attachment for the excavators and material handling machines. As a stock order, the HRVB unit also comes with a 7,5m long suction hose for the auxiliary suction port for vacuuming material by hand.


Duratray International

Selected innovation: Smart Tray

Duratray’s Smart Tray (ST) is the most advanced dump tray for mining and construction trucks. The ST can monitor its condition (structural and wear) automatically and report to the user online and in real time.



Selected innovation: Open-S Standard

The work to create the Open-S Standard was started in 2019, and has been spearheaded by Steelwrist and Rototilt, two companies that normally are fierce competitors but still decided to work together for the greater purpose of a common open, manufacturer-independent, global standard for fully automatic quick couplers.

An immense amount of work has been put into the project and all initial funding has been carried by the two founding companies, Steelwrist and Rototilt. Several manufacturers are now in the pipeline for admission.



Selected innovation: Evo System applied to quick couplers

The main added value of the Evo system relates to safety and operating efficiency, responding to the latest safety prerequisites introduced by the EN474 standard. With this innovative system, the operator can check whether the quick coupler has engaged correctly without leaving their seat in the cab. This is achieved by means of a dual indicator system which informs the operator whether the quick coupler is fully connected to the adapter.

By means of the two visual devices, located at the side and front for the highest safety, the operator can distinguish at a glance between complete and partial engagement between the quick coupler and the adapter.

The Evo System comprises three fundamental components to ensure outstanding worksite safety:

  1. Triangular yellow “Safe Check” side indicator
  2. Frontal visual marker, visible to the operator in the cab
  3. Fork double profile, shaped so that the tool cannot be released until it has been placed on the ground in a stable position.


DMS Technologie GMBH

Selected innovation: Sorting Grab including carrier tool Softgrip

The DMS sorting grab SG is the first grab on the market with a fully enclosed plunger cylinder for digging and grabbing with excavators and loading cranes. The distinctiveness lies in the development of the patented, double-acting hydraulic cylinder.

The reduced tare weight made possible by the unique, compact design allows any hydraulic excavator to carry more payload. The sophisticated system with fully encapsulated piston and internal oil routing without hydraulic hoses in the working area reduces downtime and repair costs due to hose breakage and prevents any damage to the piston rod. The Softgrip are an accessory to the grab extending the use even further. Precast concrete elements and sensitive materials can be loaded and placed without any further tools than the grab on the excavator.



Selected innovation: Tracksformer

Tracksformer is an Italian project, born from the creativity of Giovanni Pietro Giacomino.

It’s Minitop brand, synonym of experience, passion and innovation for over 25 years and leader in the European market of rubber tracks and tyres.

Tracksformer is the innovative and patented system which increases the performance of your skid steer loader everywhere and at all times. Tracks can change according to your working needs thanks to the four tools typologies, each one is oriented to a specific setting to be applied on the ‘naked’ Tracksformer tracks: Snow, Work Site, Asphalt and Underwood.

The system provides the possibility of interchanging tools on the smooth belt. Assembly and disassembly are simple processes that can be carried out independently, so the skid steer loader becomes highly versatile and high-performance, adapting to the specific environment.

Find out more at



Selected innovation: TCX Tilt coupler

The TCX – a tilt function for the smallest excavators. Available as Direct mounted with S30/180 coupler. New technology on a simple product : Front Pin Safety Hook, Fully casted compact body, Expander pins





Emergency Brake Assist is a technology designed for road construction machines that prevents collisions while protecting the hot asphalt surface from damage.

The machine continuously scans its surroundings for perfect coverage. System is able to detect potential hazards before they occur. This allows for the early application of automatic deceleration strategies.

Key features:

  1. Scanning of surroundings using multi-level lidar technology
  2. Projection of the machine's travel path based on speed and steering angle
  3. Reliable detection of people and objects in the machine's travel path
  4. Fully integrated solution enables the machine to "see around corners"
  5. Collision prevention through automatic braking
  6. Multiple braking strategies that adapt to the operator's driving behaviour
  7. Early anticipation and braking strategies protect the hot asphalt surface from damage


DMS Technologie GMBH

Selected innovation: Excavator Blade Control (EBC)

The excavator blade control (EBC) is an automated control system for the excavator blade. Grading jobs can be done with the blade instead of the bucket, when the EBC in installed giving the possibility to do levelling jobs supported by an automated control system.

The system consists of a laser receiver, the control system which is installed to the excavator and the side plates and mast attached to the blade. The system is highly productive, easy to use and affordable! The result is a doubled productivity and a better end result ov the levelling job.


Supply Company

Selected innovation: Pigment in tablet form

Pigment in solid form without dust, easy to dose with automatic systems (unlike its initial form: powder), no longer fears moisture (more product loss) respectful of human health (more nano particle with titanium dioxide: carcinogenic)according to (Titanium dioxide (FT 291).

Regulation - Toxicological data sheet - INRS and environmentally friendly, because it disperses just by friction and more by heat and friction (for the road sector) thus reducing the cost ..gas or electricity and a sharp decrease in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

This form can be used in all sectors of activity: Concrete industry, Road industry, paint industry or the form of pigment used and in the form of paste: "mixture of water and pigment" and transport with a too high carbon footprint. Storage is easier than powder pigment with less constraints as the humidity



Selected innovation: TSX- the ecological asphalt plant

The TSX is a new continuous asphalt plant, ecological, unique in the world, capable of recycling from 0 to 70% of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) coming from road maintenance with just one drum, while ensuring environment respect and high-quality HMA.

The TSX uses two technologies developed by ERMONT:

  1. DUOTHERM which allows for RAP drying and heating without damage, in order to guarantee the high quality of the recycled HMA.
  2. ECOFIRE which allows for energy recovery from gases and reintroducing it into the burner in order to optimize combustion and reduce energy consumption.

TSX asphalt plants are available in stationary (TSX INCITY) and supermobile (TSX HIGHWAY) versions.


Wirtgen Group

Selected innovation: The recycling of road milling cutting tools

The chemical process developed by BETEK, system partner of the WIRTGEN Group, enables through zinc based treatment to recover the entire tungsten carbide and cobalt remaining on the used cutting tools and reintroduce into the manufacture of new road milling tools.



Moog Construction

Selected innovation: TerraTech EcoSystem

TerraTech is a proven, integrated, electric ecosystem combining control software, durable hardware (electric cylinders, vehicle control modules, motors, controllers, energy management), and digital insights through IoT.

Novum Tech

Selected innovation: Electrifical system

We develop and manufacture on-site in Isère a complete range of electrification systems from 48V to 800V, with a power range of 5kW to 350 kW, tailored to the current challenges of the market.

These solutions address a wide range of applications, from small vehicles to large industrial vehicles (mini-excavators, road vehicles, trucks, agricultural machinery, etc.). These solutions consist of several technological components assembled together to deliver a finished, Plug'n'Play product in series, and at lower costs for our customers.



Selected innovation: Marini Evodryer

The Marini team of expert engineers and technicians conceived a new solution that would merge all the customer requirements into one: Marini EvoDryer represents, to date, the best available technology when it comes to introducing the RAP into the recycling ring and allow customer that flexibility of action that would significantly help meeting the most different market needs.

The limit of existing recycling ring for all the producers is the fact that the RAP is inserted in a very hot area and, no matter the special “protecting flights”, it is really strained; for this reason the quality of the final asphalt can be at risk, higher emissions and bad smell all over the jobsite could take place.

The concept behind Marini EvoDryer is the increase of the length of the dryer drum, the change of the position of the introduction of the RAP after the dryer flame and the modification of the internal paddles.


Moog Construction

Selected innovation: ZQuip

A plug and play modular platform that replaces diesel engines. Designed to connect and run the ZQuip battery modules to power the maintenance-free electric motors that drive the existing hydraulic systems.


Multitel Pagliero


Mounted on an Iveco eDaily 35S10 Full Electric truck of 3.5 t GVW, a telescopic platform providing a working height of 16.2m and a load capacity of 80kg at its maximum horizontal outreach of 11.2m, rising to 250kg at 7.4m outreach. At a length of 7,123mm and height of 2,740mm when closed, it has straight line stabilizers with front and rear vertical descent, making it a vehicle easy to position even in tight spots.

Telescopic aerial platform MJE 250 Axon on e-Daily 50C14 E of 5,2 ton GVW with twin wheels. Maximum working height of 24.7m. At its maximum horizontal outreach of 16.5 metres, the platform’s capacity is 100kg, rising to 250kg at 12.5m outreach. With the boom fully extended it is possible to work below ground reach at -3.5m.

On both models, EVE ensures speed, linearity, and fluidity of vertical and horizontal movements. No sudden lurches but extending of the sections and elevation of the boom always in perfect balance and with instant adjustments.



Betolar PLC

Selected innovation: Geoprime® Hollow-Core Slab

With the Geoprime® Hollow-Core Slab solution, the world’s lowest-emission hollow core slab, Betolar helps concrete element manufacturers meet the demand for low-carbon building products. Our solutions are easy to implement as they do not require major investments or changes to current production.

Betolar’s Geoprime® is a sustainable, low-carbon concrete material solution. It converts previously unused high-volume industrial side streams into a substitute for cement. Geoprime® Hollow-Core Slabs are equivalent to traditional cement-based slabs but have up to 75 % lower carbon footprint (Product stages A1-A3).



Selected innovation: Composite based on Glass Fibers AraNea - Michelin Group

AraNea Composite wants to be an innovative engineered composite reinforcement provider. We are claiming to be a leader in low carbon reinforcement solutions for highly requiring environments



Selected innovation: Concrete filling station SELFBETON

The SELFBETON automatic concrete distributor is a global concept designed to give access to the purchase of fresh, ready-to-use concrete and mortar to all professionals and private individuals who need small quantities of concrete (from 3 wheelbarrows). SELFBETON is an automated production system that allows users to buy concrete online or directly from a kiosk.

The machine then produces the customer's order in complete autonomy and delivers the ready-mix concrete directly to the customer's trailer or adapted vehicle in less than 3 minutes. The originality of the concept lies in its automatic cleaning system, which generates no waste and no effluent. Selfbeton is less polluting than a simple concrete mixer.



Selected innovation: e-Mixer iONTRON

Concrete Mixer 100 % Electric



Selected innovation: ThermoKit

The "ThermoKit" is designed to maintain productivity on sites using low or very low carbon concrete. An insulating and heating tool that withstands the mechanical stresses of concrete. It is a metal formwork box that is added to the standard panels. It insulates, maintains and completes the heat generated by the concrete's exotherm during drying. A heating solution, thanks to heating fabrics positioned inside the caisson.

Only the concrete is heated, not the load-bearing panel, which prevents heat loss. The heating system takes account of external conditions and the type of concrete used to regulate its temperature. Similarly, the system is regulated according to the zones to be heated, to ensure uniform drying. The stiffeners in the caisson absorb and transmit the forces in the load-bearing panel. The caisson is electrically heated in series, and is supplied by the site's floor electrical boxes.



Selected innovation: E-SELFTOUPIE the electric concrete mixing traile

E-SELFTOUPIE is a trailer-mounted electric mini-mixer that can be towed by a light vehicle to transport small quantities of concrete up to 1000 liters. Suitable for delivering to small sites or sites with difficult access, its electric motor gives it an operating time of almost 8 hours.

The E-SELFTOUPIE is the perfect complement to conventional truck-mounted concrete mixers, starting where truck-mounted concrete mixers stop: delivering concrete or mortar in volumes of less than 1m3. Designed to provide a service for professionals and private individuals wishing to transport their concrete from a production unit to their worksite, E-SELFTOUPIE eliminates the environmental risks, accident hazards and noise pollution associated with making concrete directly on site.