In the dynamic world of construction, innovation is the key driver guiding industry players in their relentless quest for solutions to professional and societal challenges.
The construction sector is currently undergoing a veritable revolution, spurred on by the rapid emergence of technological advances and the adoption of new construction practices.

This radical transformation of the sector revolves around several major themes.

The decarbonisation of materials and site equipment is at the forefront, responding to the environmental imperative of reducing the construction industry's carbon footprint.

At the same time, the ongoing quest to reduce noise pollution on construction sites represents a significant step forward in improving working conditions and minimising the impact on adjacent environments.

Another crucial aspect of this revolution is the overall improvement in the quality of construction sites.

Companies in the sector are striving to rethink construction methods in order to guarantee durable, aesthetic and functional results.

Reducing the arduousness of work is also taking centre stage, with initiatives aimed at making construction sites more ergonomic and safer for workers.

In this dynamic of change, process optimisation is emerging as an inescapable necessity.

Companies in the sector are constantly seeking to rethink their operational approaches, integrating cutting-edge technologies and working closely with manufacturers.

This constant quest for improvement, tailored to the specific needs of each worksite, defines the DNA of the construction industry.

This second episode of the INTERMAT Chronicles takes us to the heart of these major developments. Through an in-depth interview with Richard Lohier, Materials Director at Spie Batignolles Fondations, we discover how the latest technological innovations are providing concrete answers to these crucial challenges.

A focus on three major innovations, all of which have been nominated for prestigious INTERMAT Innovations Awards, provides a comprehensive overview of how the future of construction is taking shape, favouring a safer, more efficient and more environmentally-friendly approach.

This latest instalment of the INTERMAT Chronicles invites you to explore the major events planned for INTERMAT 2024, where these ground-breaking innovations will take centre stage. Immerse yourself in this captivating read to understand how the construction sector is moving towards a more innovative, more sustainable and more promising horizon, and how INTERMAT proposes that you discover them in reality next April.