The 2024 edition of the tradeshow close dits doors last Saturday after 4 days counting 127,500 entries, 21% of which from outside France and from 130 countries. The industry’s drive in favour of environmental and technological progress gathered a high-quality and delighted visitor audience.

INTERMAT 2024: an edition driving progress and promoting business

Decision-makers were definitely present as a third of the visitors came with investment plans to accelerate the low carbon and digital transition of construction projects. The 1,065 exhibitors, including 68% from outside France, went back home with a lot of new contacts as they had an average of 30% more contacts per day per exhibitor compared with 2018 edition.

INTERMAT 2024 was thus a real business catalyst, a federating point of convergence for all the professionals who came in search of a concentrate of innovation to address the climate and societal challenges faced by construction. Exhibitors and visitors met up in a particularly animated and convivial atmosphere has they alsways do at INTERMAT.

Unity is strength : a mobilised construction industry

Chairmen of the five main construction trade associations in France (DLR, EVOLIS, FFB, FNTP and SEIMAT) opened INTERMAT 2024 united and committed with the signature of the manifesto “4 keys to support the decarbonisation of construction equipment”.

Talks, round tables and special features like a Hackaton – especially in the two new areas Filière and Academy - gave an opportunity to visitors, and in particular to the 1,400 young people present, to gain insight into the major issues in the sector in the aim of accelerating the green and digital transitions: adopting the right energy for each use, saving it, raising stakeholder awareness to CSR and improving the safety and appeal of jobs…

INTERMAT, a real International innovation showcase

Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, the UK, Finland, North African countries and Türkiye among others : major international construction companies were there with 68% from outside France.

INTERMAT Innovation Awards distinguished 17 designers or manufacturers of equipment and machinery to support the energy transition, digitalisation and safety during a beautiful ceremony gathering 500 professionals eager to discover the latest trends in innovation in the industry.

The new born New Technologies and Energies hub and Start-up Village offered a real showcase to technology and equipment incorporating new, alternative or renewable energy sources (biofuel, electric, hydrogen), virtual and digital engineering, energy storage solutions and autonomous vehicles.

Last but not least, the INTERMAT demonstrations kept their promise, with a ballet of machines and equipment both indoors and displaying electric machines and giving visitors a chance to discover the momentum of the latest developments by manufacturers for better safety, productivity and energy efficiency.

In the current and particular context, INTERMAT organised in partnership with Business France and Premier Expo the ReBuild Ukraine Conference to address all the themes essential for the reinforcement of the Ukrainian nation through reconstruction, representing multiple opportunities for French companies, investors and partners.

Low-carbon concrete : star material of the World Of Concrete Europe

The World of Concrete exhibition zone and forum, real place to be for the concrete industry, focussing on the low carbon transition of the concrete sector zone attracted the attention of nearly one in two visitors of INTERMAT. With a special dedicated price « Worlmd of Concrete », the INTERMAT Innovation Awards rewarded the sector’s efforts to activate all the levers in a push to reduce the carbon impact of materials, processes, technology and equipment.


2024: a redesigned model around the major challenges of construction

The 2024 vintage was one of renewal, with a tradeshow redesigned in terms of format and offering, and revolving around four pillars; Innovation, Energies, New equations and Commitments. Over and above the valuable business opportunities, the show reasserted its ambition of bringing together and sharing with the entire ecosystem the wealth of innovation in support of decarbonisation. Exhibitors were able to meet a great many visitors and help them bring their purchasing plans to fruition. The 2024 show succeeded in its goal of collectively providing novel and virtuous responses to professionals, whose pleasure at being able to come together in a convivial climate was clear for all to see throughout the four days of the event!

The next edition will be held in April 2027.